Institute for Integral Ecology

A collaborative experiment to create open dialogue about  “the meaning of creation and our place within it ” in response to Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’.

The Institute for Integral Ecology gathers together diverse voices on the leading ethical questions of agricultural as well as environmental stewardship with the aim of fostering an integral vision of creation and its care in the light of a total vision of the human person, called to communion in Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to serve as a venue and catalyst for collaboration and dialogue among the various professional communities in order to foster and sustain conversation on the issues of agriculture as a complex human cultural activity as well as its impact and relationship with environmental concerns.  We do this through sponsorship of research, professional development, education and publications, and cultural events.

Mission Statement:

Inspired by the truth, beauty and goodness of God manifest in creation and the Catholic faith, the Institute for Integral Ecology promotes the common good of the human community by fostering faith filled intellectual reflection, prayerful contemplation, attentive craftsmanship, and the creative arts.

We achieve this mission by sponsoring a variety of activities (conferences, research, and cultural events) all of which are animated by the vision and principles articulated in Laudato Si‘ and the traditions of the Christian church.

 Catholic in inspiration; catholic in aspiration: The Institute for Integral Ecology.

Cecelia Calvo, Program Coordinator, Environmental Justice Program for the USCCB
Calvin DeWitt, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin
Michel-Thierry Dupont, Journées Paysannes, Orleans, France
Most Reverend Paul Etienne, Bishop of the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming
David Minge, Retired Judge & former member of US House of Representatives
Michael Naughton, Director of the Center for Catholic Studies, Univ. of St. Thomas
Verrabhadran Ramanathan, Distinguished Professor, Scripps INstitute of Oceanography,          Univ. of San Diego
David Schindler, Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology, JPII Institute, CUA
Nancy Sannerud, Program Manager, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity
Christopher Thompson, Academic Dean, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity

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